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Team Information

Welcome to the MadTown BMX website. We will be updating this site regularly with more information on the team and sponsors as it all comes together.

We realize that there are priorities in life and we try to instill the following within our team: Family - We must always remember that the foundation of our team includes our faimlies. Therefore, we must take the time needed to allow our family lives to flourish. Education - Education requirements must always be achieved before a rider is eligible to ride on the team.

We are striving to create a sense of comradery among the riders in such a one-on-one sport, where your own desires and will decide the outcome. With all the competiton, we emphasize the importance of sportsmanship and respect for others.

We are currently applying for a Non-Profit Organization Status under section 501(c)(3) and will be able to provide you with more information soon. We are offering different levels of Sponsorship and would appreciate your help.

Help us teach the children of today to be responsible, respectable adults and help carve the future for the next generation of BMX riders!!!

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