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Sponsor Information

Q. What can sponsorship do for my company?

A. Advertising!! MadTown Racing will be seen nationwide. Therefore, your company's logo will be seen too.
Bringing attention to your company/organization from a new spectrum of potential customers.

Q. Marketing - Who will my advertisement reach?

A. The American Bicycle Association (ABA) has over 60,000 riders in their organization. With nationwide races, we have the potential to give your company/organization virtually unlimited exposure. At an average local race, there are approximately 200 parents, grandparents, friends, general spectators and riders. National races bring this number into the thousands. We have people from all walks of life, including people who might not otherwise know of your services.

We propose to have your company's logo displayed on all of the team members' jerseys
as well as on the team trailer. Wherever MadTown Racing goes,
your company goes as well.
From time to time, riders are featured in the BMXer Magazine issued by the ABA.
Again, another great way to reach the public by your logo being seen on our jerseys.

Team Web Site - Each sponsor will have advertisement space on the MadTown Racing website.
This site is well managed by an individual who has extensive experience in website maintenance.

All cash donations will be used for state and national race fees,
race wear and safety equipment for team riders.

If you would like to have further information about sponsorship of MadTown Racing
or discuss any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us
either by email: or by phone: (512)264-9865 or (830)693-3817

Together, we can have a "National Caliber" team
in the year 2002 and make our mark on the BMX world.

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